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Six diseases, suitable for consumption of six kinds of dried fruit

Dried fruit must be a healthy diet that we all like very much. The dried fruit is not only nutritious, but also easier to preserve and more convenient to carry than the fruit. It is our daily nutritious snack. As everyone…



Chinese Import Tariff to be adjusted in 2017

China recently announced an adjustment on its import tariff starting in 2017. Produce Report has recently verified with our source that the import tariff on avocados will still be entitled to the privilege of a 10% tax fr…



China apple exports are expected to hit a record high in 2016

Mr. Lu Fangxiao, vice president of China Fruit Marketing Association recently said that due to a competitive price this season, Chinas apple exports gained strong momentum. The export volume would hit a record high this y…



Homemade dried fruit - irresistible temptation

Food to the people, food to safety for the first! Food safety has become a global problem, so "self-made" has become a popular, like Germany, France, Canada, Japan and other developed countries and Taiwan, Hong …



2016 China’s Fruit & Vegetable Market Review

For China’s fruits and vegetable industry, with its massive market potential, 2016 has been a busy year which saw the arrival of new products and new brands, heavy impacts from changes in tariffs and depreciation of the …